Prime Coatings manufactures a wide range of waterborne coatings for interior and exterior applications. They are available in many colors and glosses for adhesion to metal, plastics, glass, wood—almost anything you need to coat. They are fast to air dry and have low VOC content. Waterbornes are also available in many specialty coatings, textures, and feels. Please contact us for more information for your particular application.


32 Series Aqualac:


This waterborne acrylic emulsion provides optimum corrosion resistance for metal substrates. It exhibits excellent adhesion on pretreated or marginally prepared surfaces. The 32 Series has anti-corrosion properties which prevents “flash rust” after painting and inhibits corrosion in outdoor or high humidity applications. It cures in high humidity factory atmospheres where other latex coatings fail. It is available in a wide range of colors and gloss.


35, 28, 38 Series Aqualac:


The 35 Series Aqualacs are the flagship of our waterborne products. They are used as basecoats all around the world for plastic. Basecoats are extremely low gloss to promote adhesion of the next coating, yet very durable and water soak resistant. They exhibit outstanding adhesion to plastics from ABS to polycarbonate. They exhibit “H” hardness and are available in a wide range of colors including metallics and pearlescents. When used as the base coat in a hydrographic process, these products provide an unlimited time window for application of the patterned film.

The 28 Series offers a lower cost alternative for plastic and wood substrates. It contains UV inhibitors for excellent color retention and exhibits good chemical and physical properties. This series is commonly used for air dry applications where rapid curing is required. The 38 Series is our offering for adhesion to metal, glass, and powder coated substrates. It can be used as the base coat for a hydrographic process and has an unlimited time window for the application of the patterned film. It has an “H” hardness, contains UVinhibitors, and will not fade or chalk in outdoor exposure..


135 Series Ura-Lac and Aqua Flex:


These waterborne polyurethane coatings impart superior wear resistance and flexibility.





145 Series – Waterbase Enamels:


The 145 Series Waterbase Enamels are Prime Coating’s answer to customers that want waterbase systems, but still demand a high performance coating. Prime’s waterbase enamels are characterized by unusually high gloss and ease of application, as well as an impressive performance profile. These systems are VOC compliant in all but the most stringent applications. Many times a significant reduction in insurance premiums are possible when switching to a waterbase system.



185 Series Penetrating Varnish:


These products are designed for wood substrates to bring out the warmth of the grain. It is formulated to be chemically resistant to liquid drinks and cleaners. This waterborne polyurethane has “H” hardness for durability and recoatability, with or without sanding. It can be used for wood flooring.