Prime Coatings UV Aerosol Body Varnish

Prime Coatings develops and supplies commercial high-performance UV Aerosol Body Varnishes designed to protect aerosol can bodies from scratches and abrasion during fabrication, hot filling, and transit.


Product Features

  • Provides superior Sheen scratch and abrasion resistance to prevent defects during can fabrication, filling, and transit.
  • BPA non-intent.
  • Free of benzophenone and other known and suspected carcinogens.
  • Compatible with commercial UV inks and demonstrates excellent recoat performance in commercial production.
  • Provides excellent water resistance during hot filling operations. Withstands 10-minute boiling water when applied over commercially UV printed white base coat and clear size coated tinplate.
  • Non-yellowing compared to typical UV aerosol varnishes when exposed to UV light during the cure cycle and during exposure to retail lighting at point of purchase.
  • Exhibits excellent mobility and handling properties during fabrication, filling, and transit.