Lacquers are the original all-purpose workhorses of industrial coatings. Our acrylic lacquers and nitrocellulose lacquers have excellent adhesion to metal, plastic, and many other substrates, even in applications where pre-treatment is less than optimal. They are fast air dry coatings. Some are primers and rust preventatives.

10 Series:

Nitrocellulose lacquers that are solvent-based. These are hard and durable, yet flexible, and can easily be buffed to a beautiful high gloss when cured. Nitrocellulose Lacquers are mostly used for wood applications.




65 Series:


Basic acrylic lacquers for many applications. Can be air dried or oven dried.






600 Series:


Acrylic lacquers made as stand-alone coatings or base coats under hydrographic processes. Excellent exterior durability and fade resistance. Excellent adhesion to many substrates.





700 Series:


Similar to the 600 Series, but no or very low VOC content.