Hydrographic Coatings  

Prime Coatings proudly supplies all Hydrographic, Immersion Printing, Water Transfer Printing, Water Transfer Imaging, Hydro Dipping, Cubic Printing Decorators.


  • High Performance Waterborne Basecoats
  • Over 1000 colors matched
  • Custom matching available upon request
  • 35, 51, 38 Series Aqualacs
  • For more details, refer to our Waterborne Coatings page                                                                       


  • Prime Coatings Activators are considered the Gold Standard throughout the Hydrographic Dipping Industry
  • They have universal success in the world of Water Transfer Decorating


  • Automotive-Grade 2 Component Polyurethane Topcoats
  • Available in glosses ranging from Full to Matte
  • 120, 121, 700, 750 Series 2K Polyurethanes
  • For more details, refer to our 2K Polyurethanes page