Enamels are the workhorses of industrial painting. Prime Coatings makes air dry alkyd enamels, baking enamels, and water reducible enamels for almost any type of industrial application. Let us know your needs and any required specifications, custom formulation is our speciality.


Series 140


Baking Enamel


The 140 series is a high quality baking enamel designed for a wide range of metal finishing applications. It provides good, one coat protection with good interior and exterior durability in hard, tough, mar resistant coatings. It is available in a range of colors, textures, finishes and gloss.


Series 170


Industrial Alkyd


Prime 170 Series Fast Dry Industrial Alkyd is a HAPS-Free Low VOC Alkyd coating designed to meet current and future EPA regulations in an industrial coating system. The 170 Series Fast Dry Industrial Alkyd may be applied directly to a variety of metals including marginally prepared steel, as well as over wood, plastic and other substrates.