2K Polyurethanes

Prime Coatings is an industry leader in the formulation of high solids, two-component polyurethanes; selected as the coating of choice by leaders in the motorcycle, bicycle, lawn implement, and medical imaging industries, as well as countless others. We manufacture coatings to fit your film property requirements and your paint line, while staying environmentally responsible.

Metal Substrates

2K Polyurethanes

100, 105 Series


This is a high solids, VOC compliant, two-component polyurethane for metal substrates. It is used for industrial applications where pre-treatment is less than optimal (solvent wiped or one-stage washing). This system shows excellent adhesion with good mar and abrasion resistance. It can be used in any air dry application and has provided excellent corrosion resistance over a conversion coated surface. The 105 Series is HAP-free.


Metal, Plastic, Interior Wood

2K Polyurethanes

120, 121 Series


These are high solids, VOC compliant, two-component systems designed for metal, plastic, or interior wood substrates. These systems are used for industrial and automotive applications requiring excellent chemical and stain resistance. They show good to excellent adhesion to many substrates, with good mar and abrasion resistance, and 2-3H pencil hardness. HAP-free formulations.


Quiet Coat

2K Polyurethanes

122 Series


These products contribute to that “soft” smooth feel to finished parts as well as offering excellent        toughness and chemical resistance.  For firearm applications excellent resistance to bore scrubbers and even DEET are possible.  A wide range of gloss and grippiness, from “flat and soft” to “glossy and grippy” are available in this product line.


Final Coat for Metal, Plastics, Composites

2K Polyurethanes

300 Series


Diamond Coat 2-component polyurethanes are HAPs-free and low VOC, designed to meet current and future regulations. These coatings are extremely hard, to “4H”, offering excellent scratch and mar resistance. They can be directly applied to a variety of substrates, and are generally used as the final coat.


Metal, Plastic, Variety of Substrates

2K Polyurethanes

750 Series


These products are differentiated by their ease of application and FAST DRY as well as by the range of appearance possible within this series.  Low VOC capability and an aggressive performance profile makes the 750 series an excellent choice.  These coatings are most often the basecoat portion of a basecoat/clearcoat system, but also have excellent utility in single and topcoat applications.