The Potential of Electrons –

A simple take on a well-developed technology


Prime Coatings is renowned and represented worldwide for its technology in Leather and Industrial coatings. The people at Prime have a long history in the development of Electron Beam Coatings, dating back to the mid 1970’s.

The idea of simply throwing electrons at a “0” VOC coating and have it fully cured in seconds was mind-boggling.  Since then we have developed the knowledge, understanding, and expertise of how polymers react to form specific characteristics to meet the needs of our existing and potential customers.


e-Beam – How it works


Simply, a small amount of electrons (< 35 milliamps) are accelerated into a very strong magnetic field, in the magnitude of  (< 230,000 V), nearing the speed of light.  Because of their high speed, the electrons develop enough energy to pierce an ultra- thin window and act on an object that has been coated.  In this process, the accelerated electrons break bonds in the coating, forming free radicals which create new bonds with neighboring polymers creating a cured film.  The process happens so fast that industrial applications have been able to cure coatings at the astonishing rate of 1000 ft./min.


What are the benefits?


1)  The need to reduce VOC’s:  Essentially the coatings are 100% solids, eliminating major VOC’s and Hap’s content.

2)  Accelerated and efficient productivity:  Line speeds up to 1000 ft./min.

3)  Reduce production footprint:  Utilizing an electron beam, the required space is ½ down to 1/10 versus an IR or gas fired oven.

4)  The ability to offer a thermoplastic coating: It has the ability to produce 0T-bends, while maintaining its thermo set properties for excellent mar and abrasion resistance.

5)  Simple clean up:  The coating never cures unless it is exposed to the electrons.  Simple wiping to get most of the material off, followed by soft solvent wipe, making the job easy.

6)  Low heat curing on temperature-sensitive substrate.

7)  Coating cost reduction:  Based on solid-to-solid cost, typically electron beam coatings are less expensive than your conventional solvent base coating.

Prime Coatings has joined forces with a leading manufacturer of electron beams, which has become a complimentary relationship of developmental work.  The expertise and knowledge goes both ways in order to be mutually beneficial to our customers.

Prime Coatings has formulated a series of UV coatings that have excellent flow and leveling characteristics. From thin applications to higher film builds creating that “deep” wet look. Most of the coatings that we develop are at 100% Solids, emitting no VOC’s.

Optimizing the different chemistries we can provide an array of gloss, abrasion and chemical resistant coatings custom tailored to the performance levels that you require.


Prime 200 Series UVacron UV:


Prime 200 Series UVacron UV are 100% solids UV coatings for vinyl film, formulated to meeting your exterior exposure requirements. Coatings vary from highly flexible to hardcoat properties. Acrylic-urethane chemistry designed to meet your current and future EPA regulations in an industrial coating






Prime 220 Series UVacron UV:


Prime 220 Series UVacron UV are 100% solids UV coatings for vacuum metalized industry. The 220 Series includes UV basecoats that give your plastic parts that smooth “like glass” appearance. Our wide range of UV topcoats protect your metal layers from scratches, heat, and humid conditions.






Prime 240 Series UVacron UV:


Prime 240 Series UVacron UV is 100% solids UV coatings designed for wood and engineered wood products. A range of coatings stemming from wood fillers to the opaque pigmented coatings are available to cover your needs. Coatings have been developed that will withstand the indoor as well as the outdoor elements. A whole line of wood coating products handling and covering your needs from fillers, primers, sealers, basecoats and topcoats.





Prime 260 Series UVacron UV:


Prime 260 Series UVacron UV are 100% solids UV coatings for metal substrates. These are coatings developed to be tough and durable, where the coating takes the abuse not the product. Acrylic-urethane chemistry designed to meet your current and future EPA regulations in an industrial coating.






Prime 280 Series UVacron UV:


Prime 280 Series UVacron UV are 100% solids UV coatings, specially formulated to give excellent adhesion to your most difficult to adhere substrate. The basecoat/topcoat system provides rapid cure response making it ideal for cosmetic containers and caps, headlamp lens’, and sports equipment.