UVacron™ UV/EB products by Prime Coatings

Prime Coatings has formulated a series of UV/EB coatings that have excellent flow and leveling characteristics. From thin applications to higher film builds creating that “deep” wet look.  Optimizing the different UV/EB chemistries we can provide an array of gloss, abrasion and chemical resistant coatings custom tailored to the performance levels you require.

Paper, Vinyl, Film, Substrates

UV/EB Coatings

Prime UVacron™ 200 Series


100% solids UV primers and coatings formulated to meeting your interior or exterior exposure requirements. Coatings vary from highly flexible to hardcoat properties.

Vacuum Metalized

UV/EB Coatings

Prime UVacron™ 220 Series


100% solids UV basecoats and topcoats that give your plastic parts that smooth “glasslike” appearance.  Our wide range of UV topcoats protect your metal layers from scratches, heat and humid conditions.

Wood and Engineered Wood

UV/EB Coatings

Prime UVacron™ 240 Series


100% solids UV coatings that will withstand the indoor as well as the outdoor elements.  A line of wood coating products handling and covering your needs from primers, sealers, basecoats and topcoats.

Metal Primers and Topcoats

UV/EB Coatings

Prime UVacron™ 260 Series


100% solids UV coatings developed to be tough and durable, while providing excellent adhesion, where the coating takes the abuse not the product. Various formulations to provide outstanding resistance to corrosion, acids, alkalis, moisture vapor and water exposure.

Specialty, High Performance

UV/EB Coatings

Prime UVacron™ 280 Series


100% solids UV specially formulated to give excellent adhesion to your most difficult to adhere substrate.  Ideal for carbon fiber, cosmetic containers and caps, headlamp lens, and sports equipment.